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Who We Are:  Bob and Jill Robinson with three children Caleb, Leslie and Oliver.

The Plan:  Take a year plus to sail Europe and the Baltic then return to the United States via the Canary Islands and Caribbean.

This family website is intended to share our adventure of taking the plunge into the cruising world.  Starting in December 2013 when we purchased a Dean 440 Catamaran, we started down a path to giving our children an experience they will not forget and fulfill a dream hatched many years ago when we first married honeymooning on the bareboat charter PEARLE out of Papeette, Tahiti.

A little more about each of us:

Bob - From the Toledo, Ohio area.  Learned to Sail on Lake Erie.  Attended the US Naval Academy.  Was a member of the Dingy Sailing team where I met my best friend and wife Jill.  Served on the USS Asheville (SSN758) out of Pearl Harbor Hawaii. 

Jill - Bob and I are excited (and nervous) to start this adventure.  I am a Naval Academy graduate, where I sailed for the Varsity Dinghy team.  After college racing ended Bob and I enjoyed many years of Albacore Dinghy sailing while we had 3 kids, moved around and worked.  I’m a full time systems engineer, travel baseball mom and Chief Cook and Bottle Washer! In my spare time, I am an endurance athlete.   A couple of my favorite races have been Ironman Wisconsin 2013, JFK 50 miler (2014) and the Girls on the Run 5K that Leslie and I did together!  I’m looking forward to running the Boston Marathon this year before we  leave.  I can’t wait to show the kids some of the wonderful parts of the world.

Caleb -  I'm 14 and in 8th grade. I enjoy sailing with my favorite boat being a Laser. I don't really have any ideas of what I want to do later in life but I'm happy for now. Hope for plenty of people I haven't seen in a while to visit! (That's all of you Robinsons/Dintamans)

Leslie - Um, hi so I'm 12 and I really want to go to 6th grade but the boat will affect that so I will be home schooled on the boat for my 6th grade year. What I am looking forward to is to be able to do 6th grade in half of a year and more 7th grade stuff in the other half of the year.  I am a straight A student and I truthfully love school. I play basketball,sing, and I love to read teen and basically any kind of fiction. My favorite boat to sail is a Laser. Thanks! :)

Oliver -hi I love skateboarding, Sailing 420's, video games, games in general, and books.  Here is a list of my favorite books/series: Candy Shop Catastrophe War, Hunger Game Series, Percy Jackson Series, Hero's of Olympus Series, and the Origami Yoda Series.  My favorite skateboarder is Ryan Allan Sheckler.  I plan to have a youtube channel during the boat trip called The Life of Oliver.  That's Me!

Contact info:  Robinson505 at

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